Awards | Jiří Hřebíček


Participation in photo contests is a fun component of being photographer for me. I am fully aware of how subjective this is thought and that it very much depends on the "taste" of members of the juries of particular competitions. Therefore, I don´t overestimate any of the successes I have achieved so far.

Nevertheless, I am still extremely honored that a few juries appreciated my work and awarded some of my photos in photo contests. Please see below some of my major recognitions such as winning series "Elusive Moments" in Czech Press Photo (category: Nature, Science and the Environment), two first prizes in french photo contest Festival de l´Oiseau et de la Nature (categories: Water Games and Series), the gold medal in Moscow Internatinal Foto Awards (category: Nature/Wildlife) or two first prizes in Czech Nature Photo (single photo "The Seagull" in category Birds and series "Souls of Birds").

Major recognition of my work



2021 - Golden Turtle - Finalist

2021 - FEP Professional Photographer of the Year - Exellence Award

2020 - Vogelwarte - Finalist

2020 - Pangolin Photo Vision - Runner Up

2020 - Swiss Photo Awards - Jury Prize Winner

2020 - FEP Professional Photographer of the Year - Distinction Award

2019 - FEP Professional Photographer of the Year - 2 Merit Awards

2019 - Wildbird Photo Competition - Finalist

2018 - Golden Turtle - Finalist