Bio | Jiří Hřebíček


I am an amateur wildlife photographer from the Czech Republic. Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of travelling to some of the world´s most beautiful places to experience and photograph an incredible variety of wildlife and nature.

I have always been particularly fascinated by birds and their freedom as well as by art. I try to visualize the motion of birds and also put myself and my feelings into photos by letting my imagination run riot and using various techniques to create painting-like photos.

My photos have been published in a few books (i.e. Bird Photographer of the Year) and magazines and were also presented during photo exhibitions in a few countries in Europe and US. Some photos received awards and honorable mentions in national and international photography competitions, including Czech Press Photo, Festival de l´Oiseau et de la Nature, Moscow International Foto Awards, Czech Nature Photo or Vogelwarte.