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The book

In nature what fascinates me the most is the unchained freedom of birds. I am used to expressing my impressions and feelings from these meetings without words. Combining photos and text gave birth to a story through which I would like to make moments from the realm of the birds more understandable for others. Words in this book help find a connection between worlds – between his and hers, between the bird world and human world or, perhaps, between reality and imagination.

Please read the first reviews of the book below:

"Jiří Hřebíček was born in 1977 in Nové Město na Moravě and spent his entire childhood and youth in Štěpánov nad Svratkou. Since childhood he loved exploring nature. His desire to understand the world of animals led him to study Zoology at Masaryk University in Brno. Then all he had to do was pick up a camera and he could turn from an enthusiastic observer of the wonders of nature into a photographer. Although he presents himself as an amateur photographer, the word amateur is far from characterizing his work. Jiří´s work has been printed in many publications, exhibited in various parts of Europe and America and awarded in many prestigious photography competitions. Over time, he has developed a completely unmistakable style that blurs the boundaries between photography and painting, showing viewers the vibrancy of nature in its natural movement and pace. The result is works that have the power to draw viewers into the action and experience an unforgettable moment with the inhabitants of the natural world.

The book you are about to open is Jiří´s first stand-alone book, combining his distinctive artistic expression and his fondness for winged creatures. The text accompanies the photographs in an unobtrusive way, showing one of the many ways to read these works of art. The philosophical touch gives the book an almost meditative quality at times, creating an experience for its readers that classic publications of wildlife photography rarely provide.

There are many photographers these days. There are only a handful of those who will leave an indelible mark on you, and Jiří Hřebíček is definitely one of them."

MgA. Karolína Odlasová, Ph.D.

"In his recent book Between two worlds’ Jiri captures the unique energy of herring gulls in a Norwegian fjord. The bird world becomes accessible via stunning impressionistic and abstract visualization. Supportive text invites the reader to dream into the mystical realm. A book for artistic oriented nature photographers and those who like to explore the otherworldly."

Jan van der Greef


Photos: Jiří Hřebíček
Text: Nina Djakovičová

Design: Lucie Mračková

Published by Knihy s úsměvem s.r.o.
Printed by S úsměvem pro vás s.r.o.

Book cover: velvet cover, partial UV varnish
Book: A coffee table book with image inlay, using the best available paper
Format: 297x210 mm, 53 fine art images, 68 pages
Languages: English, Czech

Price: 550 kč (35 EUR/USD)
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